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        ABOUT US

        We provide consulting
        If you want to understand the detailed information of the price and product, please contact us.

        The crown is a vibrant and dynamic team, we claim that by working hard to wina bright future, not only learning, and team learning, not only learning from success, failure or even learn from our competitor. We asked all employeeshigher, faster, stronger. The crown also provide opportunities for all employees on the job training and send the excellent management personnelto the China Europe International Business School, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Fudan University to pursue a course of MBA.

        The company also improve staff welfare, not only according to government standards to pay insurance, also increased the commercial medical insurance,to pay all the expenses of medical services. We took part in the earthquake relief and poor children learning support services, in order to promote our love, and our responsibility for a harmonious society.

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